Samsung Galaxy Nexus upgrade not coming after all, according to retailer

News of an unconfirmed, unannounced device begin cancelled before its announcement have surfaced. In recent weeks, rumors of an “upgraded” GSM-based Galaxy Nexus have mingled together around the Internet, but while some may have been getting excited about the idea, it looks like it may never come true.

Retailer Expansys, which is a major smartphone retailer, has reportedly been informed that the updated version of the Galaxy Nexus, which is said to feature 32GB of storage, has been effectively cancelled. Within the XDA forums, an Expansys spokesperson had this to say:

“We’ve just been notified this morning that Samsung have dropped the Galaxy Nexus 32GB from production.”

The spokesperson went on to say, “At this time it looks like they will not be releasing it.”

It may not be a surprise that an unannounced device isn’t coming soon, but hearing it from an Expansys spokesperson does lend it some credence.

via XDA; BGR

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