Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 hinted at ahead of Mobile World Congress

This morning, the Galaxy Note 10.1 by Samsung popped up. The original report came from The Verge, and the evidence suggests that Samsung is getting ready to unveil a brand new product geared towards those who love to use a stylus on their digital device. As the title suggests, this would be a tablet-sized device, but with the Note trademark instead and the S-Pen functionality built in.

Of course, the device is unannounced, and this is in no way a confirmation that something like this exists. But, considering the invitation you are looking at above is for the Samsung Developer Day at MWC, it would be easy to believe that this is a hint that Samsung is looking to bring the S-Pen technology to their tablet line-up. Whether or not it will jive well with the consumers will remain to be seen.

via The Verge

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