Samsung Galaxy Note sells 2 million units to date, Samsung aiming for 10 million by 2013

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been one of the oddest and most successful Android phones to date, offering a huge display that borders a tablet. We now have some sales numbers to back up just how successful it is, ringing in at an astonishing 2 million units. Samsung doesn’t believe this is enough though, and is aiming to sell 10 million by years end. Considering how popular the phone is, and the fact that it is now offered in the US, it does not seem like an impossible goal.

Earlier this week Samsung also announced the Galaxy Note 10.1, another addition to the Note line. Featuring the same S pen stylus as the original Note, it’s sure to attract a good number of sales if it has the right price. On top of that, Samsung will probably announce more Note products this year. All of this could lead up to 10 million Note sales, creating a new market dominated by Samsung. Do you think Samsung can reach that 10 million sales? Do you think the Note line will be successful in the long run? Let us know in the comments!

via Unwiredview

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