Samsung Galaxy Note will walk the runway with Rag & Bone

While the Samsung Galaxy Note saw plenty of the attention given to it with the Super Bowl ad that either shocked or annoyed you, Samsung isn’t done bringing the spotlight down on the impending US launch of the device. Samsung has reportedly teamed up with fashion brand Rag & Bone to bring just a bit more attention to the Galaxy Note, and what better way to do that than to have it paraded around on a fashion runway, right?

That’s what is going to happen on February 10th, when Rag & Bone kicks off its Fall/Winter show. The Galaxy Note by Samsung will be right there along with the models, apparently, being shown off almost as much as the models. What’s more, two designers with Rag & Bone, Marcus Weinwright and David Neville, will be co-hosting a party for the device, where they will debut two brand-spanking new custom designed cases for the Galaxy Note. There will be one case for men, and one case for women.

Who’s excited?

via Phone Arena

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