Samsung Galaxy Note with LTE reaches 700,000 units sold to channels and distributors

Samsung has been reaching plenty of milestones lately, it seems. And while there are people who might say that the Galaxy Note LTE by Samsung is too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet, there’s no denying that the handset is continuing to make a huge impact on the market. According to a new report, Samsung has confirmed that they have sold 700,000 units of the Note in just South Korea alone.

As SammyHub points out though, this is unit sales to channels and distributors. However, there’s no denying that Samsung reaching 66 percent market share within the LTE market in South Korea is impressive, too. Very impressive. We’ve already heard that the Galaxy Note has reached over a million units sold globally, so this number certainly makes sense.

And now that the Galaxy Note is heading to the United States, sales are only going to get bigger and more impressive, so it probably won’t be too long before Samsung announces another milestone.

via SammyHub

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