Samsung Galaxy S III won’t be making March 22 debut

Consider this one a bit of bad news, especially if you were eagerly anticipating getting your eyes filled with the newest flagship device from Samsung. According to a new report from The Next Web, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S III won’t be making an appearance at the recently announced March 22nd event in France.

There was plenty of speculation that the device, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S III, would be making its official debut at the event, but it turns out that that isn’t the case at all. Samsung has put an end to the rumor mill, and confirmed that the event is simply to go over the company’s already announced product portfolio. It’s one of the company’s open day events, which isn’t a new thing for the company, and happens twice a year.

A bit of bad news, to be sure, but at least now we get a big dose of anticipation again, right?

via The Next Web

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