Samsung releases event invite for March 22

While we sit here and continue to speculate about the next flagship device from Samsung, believed to be called the Galaxy S III, we’re still waiting for Samsung to divulge any and all information regarding the heavily rumored device. We may be getting closer to that much anticipated device if this latest event invite is any indicator of a release date.

The latest rumors suggest that the device could be seeing a launch as early as May, so an unveiling in March makes sense. Local news sites, including French Android site FrAndroid, were the first to receive the invitation. It pegs March 22nd as the announcement date for something interesting, but there are no details as to what the company will be unveiling. There are rumors that it could be regarding Samsung’s Google TV endeavor, or something else entirely.

We don’t have much longer to wait, so stay tuned. Let’s hope we do get to see the next Galaxy S device next month.

via FrAndroid; UnwiredView

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