Samsung Stratosphere back to $99.99, also BOGO

If you’ll recall, the Samsung Galaxy S variant the Stratosphere for Verizon went up for a BOGO sale, and was dropped to $99.99 in the early part of December. This was part of a slew of Verizon-based sales on devices for the holiday shopping season, but they were only supposed to be offered for a limited time. In the case of the Stratosphere, it was just a limited five day sale.

But it looks like Verizon has decided to change their mind, and offer the Stratosphere for its reduced price all over again, as well as offer a free device at the same time. As before, the buy one get one (BOGO) offer focuses on those who sign a new, two-year agreement. If you do that, you’ll get the normally $149.99 two-year price dropped to $99.99 after a $50 online discount. You’ll also get the chance to pick up another Stratosphere for free, thanks to the offer.

Unlike the previous iteration of the special, there’s no telling how long Verizon will keep this one alive. It doesn’t say anything about a promotion in the image above, but we wouldn’t think it will last forever.

The Galaxy S variant features a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, along with a 1GHz processor inside. There’s a 5MP camera on the back, along with a 1.3MP front-facing shooter. It is 4G LTE-connected, and can act as a mobile hotspot as well. You can head through the source link below to learn more, and head on through the Verizon link to pull the trigger on the purchase.

via VZBuzz; Verizon; thanks, Buzz!

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