Some Motorola XOOMs sold refurbished with previous users data still on them

A few months ago online retailer Woot sold some refurbished versions of Motorola’s XOOM tablet, but didn’t do a very good job on the refurbishing part. It was discovered that a small portion of these tablets featured data from their previous owner, and were shipped in that state. About 100 out of 6,400 tablets were affected, and that’s a major issue for 100 people. Users who returned a tablet between March and October of last year may need to worry, as their data may be in someone else’s hands.

Both Motorola and Woot are asking anyone who purchased the refurbished tablet between October and December return it, and will cover all of the shipping costs. On top of that, Motorola will be offering a free two-year subscription of Experian’s ProtectMyID Alert. This is to help users monitor fraudulent activity that may have occurred due to their information being shipped on previous tablets. It’s a smart move by Motorola, but some users may still have concerns.

It isn’t good to see that Motorola and Woot slipped up like this. We wouldn’t blame it on Woot entirely, as Motorola most likely sold the tablets in their refurbished state, and Woot just resold them. Both companies are taking a bit of a hit from users, but it appears that all the right moves are being made to protect customers data. Did you return a Motorola XOOM between March and October of last year? Are you worried about your data? Let us know in the comments!

via Phandroid; Motorola

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