Sony Google TV finally gets root access

Despite how long Sony’s Google TV-based devices have been available, which range from TVs to Blu-ray players, root access has only been a dream for those who want it. But that changes today, as the fine folks over at GTVHackers have finally managed to make their way inside, and acquire root access for their efforts. It also means that the world of possibilities for Sony’s Google TV has just become much brighter.

It isn’t a simple step to gain root access, but the effort is well worth it for those who want to give it a shot. The Sony-branded devices must be running Google TV 2.0, which means Android 3.2 Honeycomb in order to work properly. But, once you get everything up and running correctly, a custom kernel will let you do a whole slew of new things. One example: you can now stream media from blocked network TV stations, which should be great news by itself.

You can find the instructions through the source link below.

via GTVHacker; GTVSource

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