Sony Tablet S gets rooted

It may or may not be “about time” for one of the new tablets from Sony to gain root access, but if you own a Tablet S by Sony then your time for gaining root access to the device has finally come. Thanks to developer Dan Rosenberg, the man behind gaining root access to Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet, you can now finally have all the fun you want with your Tablet S, as long as you’re willing to tinker with the internals.

Rosenberg goes into great detail about how he acquired root access on the Tablet S, so you can read that through the main source link below. The end result is quite easy for those who are familiar with rooting, even if the means he had to gain the access is quite technical.

If you root your Tablet S, let us know how it went, and what you plan on doing with your new found access in the comments below.

via VulnFactory; Android Police

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