Sony’s new UXP NXT shown off in leaked video

With upcoming devices like the Xperia S from Sony, we are all eagerly anticipating seeing what kind of user interface tweaks the company has created on their newest Android devices. In the pair of videos, which you can see below in their full glory, courtesy of XperiaBlog, we get to see where Sony is taking their software experience for the end user. At least, we get to see it as much as we can from a leaked video.

The new user interface is called the UXP NXT, and it’s laden with animation and effects throughout the whole overlay. Specifically, it looks like the TimeScape features, along with the gallery and media player have been given gratuitous makeovers. You can see how much Sony has tweaked Android 2.3 Gingerbread in both videos below. And we’re sure we’ll see plenty more of the new software at this year’s Mobile World Congress next week.

via XperiaBlog

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