Ubuntu coming to Android, allows any phone with a dual-core processor to run a full desktop OS

Popular Linux distro Ubuntu is looking to make itself mobile, and Android is the natural choice. It has just been announced that Canonical (creator of Ubuntu), is developing a method to bring Ubuntu to Android-based handsets. It looks like this applies to both phones with the traditional ARM-based processor, as well as the upcoming x86-based Intel powered phones. Android will not be replaced, and the two OSes will run alongside each other.

Phones won’t run the OS in replacement of Android, and will instead require a docking station. The docking station will then connect to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, creating a full desktop experience. Through this the phone becomes a one-stop shop for everything, offering both the mobile and desktop experience. One thing to note is that the OS cannot be added to every Android phone, and require at least a dual-core processor. Phones are expected to ship with the dual-boot option near the end of the year.

Who’s excited to see Ubuntu on their phones? Could it really turn into a full-fledged desktop replacement? Let us know in the comments!

via Ubuntu

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