Verizon customers begin a petition to get the Galaxy Note by Samsung

Right now, here in the United States, the only official carrier to get their hands on the Galaxy Note by Samsung is AT&T. It’s an exclusive for the time being, it seems, but there’s no word on when that exclusivity might come to an end. In that regard, it looks like customers under Verizon’s wing are starting to get antsy, and some of them have started a petition to get the huge device on Big Red’s network.

Of course, we’ve heard in the past that the device, which is measured in at 5.3-inches and meant to fill the gap between a smartphone and tablet, would be coming to Verizon, albeit under a different name. Rumored to be called the Galaxy Journal, there was speculation that it was coming soon, but no exact dates were provided. Some Verizon customers are looking to change that.

Those who started the petition are aiming to acquire 5,000 signatures to let Verizon know that people want the phone, and it will be a bit of a trek as there are only 350 names signed onto the movement as of the time of this writing. You can head through the Change link below to learn more, or to sign your name up if you’re so inclined. We’ll see if it works.

via; Phone Arena

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