What will we see with the Kindle Fire 2?

Amazon’s original Kindle Fire turned into a huge success this past holiday season, and has become the only tablet to truly compete with Apple’s iPad. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said it himself, and Amazon has some amazing sales numbers to back it up. As one would expect, new rumors are stating that Amazon is about to put the sequel into production.

Amazon has lost money on every Kindle Fire they sold, and it turns out that it was actually a rushed product. The body was an off the shelf design, and all of the parts were chosen by the manufacturer, with little done by Amazon except for software. This led to a more expensive tablet, but Amazon’s low price is what made it such a huge success. This time Amazon will be taking control, and will be choosing the parts that will go into the tablet. Hopefully that will lead to a tablet with better specs, and most importantly, a lower price point.

The original Kindle Fire is a great tablet, but there are definitely things that need to be improved on both a hardware and business standpoint. First, the tablet needs to actually make Amazon money up front. Sure, you could argue that Amazon makes plenty of money from its services, but the tablet is still losing money. Amazon needs to lower production costs, so they can actually make a profit from every tablet purchase.

One of the biggest flaws in the Kindle Fire is the fact that it doesn’t have any cameras. This may not matter to many, but for every person who doesn’t care for a camera, there’s another who does. Amazon has advertised the Fire as a media tablet, and a camera is a way that users can create their own media. Business users could also use something like this, as Skype has become a viable solution for conferences. Considering that even cheap knockoff tablets from unknown Chinese manufacturers have cameras, Amazon can throw one in too. Hopefully there will be a camera on both the front and the back of the tablet on the Kindle Fire 2, as I’m almost sure Amazon will throw one in.

When it was revealed that the original Fire would run a modified version of Gingerbread, it caused a bit of grumbling across the community. It isn’t the biggest deal considering how heavy the UI is, but Amazon needs to update in the next iteration of its tablet. Ice Cream Sandwich would be preferred, but Honeycomb will do just fine too. Anything above Gingerbread will fit perfectly, as both Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich are tablet-optimized.

The Kindle Fire 2 is expected to launch sometime in May or June, and Amazon will obviously need to add something new to make it a worthy update. What do you think Amazon will do with the Kindle Fire 2? Can the keep the price down and still sell an enticing tablet? Let us know in the comments!

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