Yahoo now searches for Android apps, something Google doesn’t

The Yahoo search engine is now offering something that Google doesn’t: the ability to find Android apps straight from the search. When searching something, a new tab is now available that allows users to see what apps are related to the search. It gets more in-depth, as you can also search by free or paid, as well as different categories. When you find an app you like, you can then either get a link to the Android Market or use a QR code to get it straight onto a device.

Yahoo has been falling in marketshare as competitors like Google and Bing have risen, but a new feature like this is great. Google themselves doesn’t offer a feature like this, so it may be more enticing for users to use Yahoo instead. We’re sure that Google will combat this in some way, but for the time being Yahoo has a great new feature. Head over to Yahoo now to give it a shot, and be sure to report back and let us know what you think after in the comments below.

via Android Central; Yahoo

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