Your Android handset most likely features parts produced by Foxconn

As all of our readers should know, we’re a site that focuses on Android and everything about it. With this comes a little bit of bias, and Apple tends to be on the bad side of our community. We love Android as much as the next guy, but sometimes there are just false facts throughout the community that make our little green robot sound better than what Apple is offering. This is where the subject of the Chinese corporation known as Foxconn comes into play.

I’ve seen many, many comments across various sites. When Apple and Android fanboy/girls are both targeted in an article, they tend to get a little defensive towards each other. And more than once I’ve seen something along the lines of: “At least Android handsets aren’t made by Foxconn”. As many of you are aware, the corporation has been targeted as one with poor labor practices, overworking its employees and even hiring ones under age. This has also lead to a number of suicides, in which workers have jumped off the roof of the very factory they work at. That comments I just quoted is about as untrue as it gets, as the chances are that the very phone you own has at least one part that was made by Foxconn.

Apple has been the only corporation that has really taken some serious hits from the whole fiasco, as one of their main manufacturers is Foxconn. The media has been relentless in tearing them apart. Has it really affected their business? Nope, they just closed out today valued at almost $500 billion dollars. But the internet is not giving them a fair chance. As it turns out, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Intel and even Amazon use Foxconn to produce their products. Notice Motorola? They’re owned by Google, right? So it’s fair to say that Google is encouraging all of the horrible practices currently incorporated within Foxconn’s many factories.

The phone you may be using to read this article was made by the very same people who make iPhones. And yes, that means they used the same methods, in the same poor working conditions, with the same underage workers. Are you making a big deal about it? I doubt it. I’m sure a few have even bad-mouthed Apple about it. Does this make you a bad person? Nope. I can even admit that a few months ago I’d only focus on Apple when the subject of Foxconn came up.

Here’s the problem: many people have said they are going to stop buying anything Apple due to the fact that Foxconn makes their products. If you’re going to say that, you might as well stop buying products from Motorola and Samsung. It’s all the same manufacturer, unfortunately. Oh, and you should probably stop buying from Best Buy as well. Half of their stock was made by Foxconn. And that new Kindle Fire you’ve been eyeing? Same manufacturer, same issues.

We may be an Android site, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll do anything possible to make a competitor look bad. In fact, we’re down right defending them in this case. Call me an Apple fanboy all you want, but these are the facts that many people are not aware of. I’ll come right out and say it, too. I own an iPhone. I also own a Galaxy Nexus. Oh, and there’s that Samsung Focus, too. All of them had something to do with Foxconn, and it doesn’t matter which company they’re from. The gist of all this is one thing: don’t target Apple unless you’re going to target every other manufacturer who produces devices through Foxconn.

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