HTC release Android 4.0 update source code for Vivid, Sensation and Sensation XE

HTC has just began rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich to some of its devices, a move making many owners of said handsets happy. Now, developers get to join in the fun, as HTC has released the source code for the update on the Sensation, Sensation XE and Vivid. As usual, it comes from their Developer Center. It shouldn’t be long before we see various ports and custom ROMs, as that’s what the development community is best at.

It’s good to see HTC being so quick on releasing source, as there has been growing fear of how long it will take for the source to be released on the upcoming One series. An example like this pretty much seals the deal that the One series will see quick source releases, great for anyone into tweaking their phones. Who has a Sensation or Vivid? Excited about the source release? Let us know in the comments!

via HTC Developer Center; Android Police

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