A $200 Nexus tablet could start a price war

Until this past holiday season, Android tablets have had little-to-no success. The Kindle Fire turned into Amazon’s huge success, selling millions. Until that, Android tablets had very little impact on the tablet market. I do remember a time when Kmart sold Android tablets for only $150, but they were poorly made, had horrid screens, and little to no apps. Despite all this, they sold out, the main factor being the fact that they were so cheap. Amazon experienced similar results when they launched the Kindle Fire for only $199.

We’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors about Google launching its own tablet, a Nexus tablet, running stock Android. In fact, just today we heard that the tablet is finally moving forward, and a deal has been struck with ASUS. While it is only a rumor, it seems very likely that Google will be entering the tablet market itself. What’s the best part about this tablet? The fact that it may only cost $150.

Now, this may not sound like a huge deal considering that Amazon has already had the Kindle Fire out for a few months. The Fire has a 1GHz dual-core processor, something considered borderline high-end at the time of launch. The new Nexus tablet? A Tegra 3 quad-core processor is rumored to be on board. Top it off with stock Android, and you’ve got an absolute competition killer right there.

Stock Android is probably the best part. The Kindle Fire is marketed as a media tablet, running a heavily skinned version of Android 2.3. If the Nexus tablet sports Android 4.0, it could do just about everything any other tablet could, and would have full access to the Google Play store. That’s access to the second largest app market in the world, something the Kindle Fire doesn’t get close to.

As just about the whole world is aware of, Apple has just launched the newest version of the iPad. In fact, it has just began shipping today. Priced at $499, it is not an impulse buy, nor something anyone would deem necessary in their household. At $200, a tablet is much, much easier to justify. The Kindle Fire has already proven that, but many people are still waiting for something better to come. The Nexus tablet would be just that, surely diverting many potential iPad customers away due to its high-end specs, phenomenal support and that low price point.

At that price point, I can’t help but wonder: would it start a price war? Amazon’s Kindle would have nothing special going for it, and even the iPad would start to feel the heat. At $150, a Nexus could easily become a household item. Sure, people will still buy other products, but consumers like high quality products at a low price. Nexus devices have been nothing but high quality, so we can imagine the tablet would be the same. Eventually tablet prices as a whole would go down, and we may even see a $100 price point for a tablet that features high-end specs (that isn’t on a firesale either).

If Google does in fact launch such a tablet, I would grab one in a heartbeat. For $150-$200, why not? Even if it didn’t get much use, I’m sure I would give it to someone who could use it. That’s what I’ve done with my TouchPad, and even an older laptop. One way or another, it will get use, and I will feel no regret in purchasing it. If a Nexus tablet was released for such a low price, would you get one? Do you think it could start a price war? Let us know in the comments!

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