Android’s pattern lock prevented FBI from searching criminal’s phone

Most mobile operating systems offer a simple “enter PIN to unlock” security method for protecting a phone from being access, but Android gets a little more unique. It offers the original PIN method, as well as a pattern unlock (oh, and there’s that nifty Face Unlock feature in Android 4.0). As it turns out, this pattern unlock has prevented the FBI themselves from accessing a criminal’s Android device. They have now contacted Google for assistance in their investigation, hopefully to get the phone unlocked.

For those wondering, a warrant was in place for the search of the phone, and the criminal in question had actually signed away his Fourth Amendment rights as a part of his parole. It’s an impressive feat on Android’s part, considering that some studies have suggested that the pattern unlock method as one of the least secure security methods. You can read the whole story at the Ars Technica source link. Does this make you feel more safe with the lock pattern on your Android device? Do you feel Android is secure enough? Let us know in the comments!

via Ars Technica; Phandroid

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