Another Galaxy S III by Samsung render finds its way online

It is a little surprising that we haven’t actually seen any definitive proof that the Galaxy S III by Samsung exists. Usually, just a short time before the rumored date(s) of an impending launch, we’d have all sorts of leaks and pictures to gaze at. Samsung is obviously working overtime to make sure that the successor to the Galaxy S II stays under wraps until they’re ready to show it off. But, a new report from PhoneArena is showing off yet another render of what the new device is supposed to look at. Unfortunately, as they point out, it’s probably fake.

Yes, the device does say March 22nd and that was a date that was rumored to be an announcement date for Samsung, but as you are more than well aware that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone yet. And this render doesn’t do much in the way of persuading us to think that’s the date, either. While it does look believable, there’s also the fact that the notification display right there up front looks remarkably fake and run-of-the-mill, and we can’t ignore that.

It does have a big display though, doesn’t it? Waiting is a hard thing to do, but hopefully we can buckle down and keep things under control for just a bit longer.

via PhoneArena

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