Barnes and Noble Nook family could be landing in the UK soon

In the United Kingdom, while Barnes and Noble is an obvious presence, the bookseller’s digital readers/tablets are nowhere to be found. What’s worse, though, is that Barnes and Noble isn’t all that up-front about when the devices could be coming to the region in a major launch. That could be changing soon, though, if a new report from E-book Magazine pans out.

In the report, it is revealed that Barnes and Noble is getting geared up to kick-off a NOOK developer day, which is meant to teach developers how to launch their apps, as well as cover the whole experience from start to finish. Unfortunately, while it would seem that this would be a great start to launching NOOK in the UK, nothing has been confirmed yet.

The developer day doesn’t seem to have a date, but it’s suggested that it could happen sometime this month.

via ZDNet

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