Beats Audio ported to non-HTC devices

Recently, HTC released the API for Beats Audio, which would allow developers to bring the technology to HTC-branded devices that previously weren’t rocking the feature, as well as expand the functionality on handsets that were using it. However, no one should be surprised that developers have also managed to port the technology to other handsets, particularly ones that aren’t HTC-branded.

Thanks to a thread within XDA, it’s been learned that if you’re willing to take the time to get it done, you can port Beats Audio to any Android device. The files necessary to bring the technology over to your phone have been wrapped up into a nice ZIP file, thanks to RockoDev, and there’s even a nice video you should watch to get started, which you can find through the source link below.

Of course, while there is a tutorial and a ZIP file for you to download, don’t try this unless you’re willing to tinker with your phone. Not everything always goes the way we expect it to, so stay vigilant!

via XDAd

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