Best Buy offering promotional price drops on EVO family

Retailers are known for offering up promotional offers; the only drawback is the fact that they don’t last all that long. So, hopefully you’ve got the means (and the desire) to hop on this particular deal, which happens to start today, and runs through March 4th. Thanks to our friends over at AndroidGuys, we’ve got word that the Yellow Tag retailer is offering up a pretty good price drop on the EVO lineage within their stores.

Here is how it breaks down:

  • Save $99.99 – Sprint HTC EVO Design (FREE)
  • Save $50 – Sprint HTC EVO 3D ($49.99)
  • Save $50 – Sprint HTC EVO Shift ($49.99)
  • Save $50 – Sprint HTC EVO 4G Black ($49.99)
  • Save $50 – Sprint HTC EVO 4G White ($49.99)

Pretty good deal, right? Sure, none of the devices may be the next big thing from HTC, or even all that new anymore, but for the price they are offering it isn’t too bad for someone who wants to get their hands on a cheap(er), or free, HTC-branded Android device.

via AndroidGuys

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