Carriers should offer tablet/phone bundles with a single contract

Today we reported that AT&T would be offering a bundle of the Sony XPERIA Play and Tablet P for only $300 when bundled together. Considering that the Tablet P normally goes for $399 on contract with AT&T, this was quite the deal. While the Play may only cost $1 from AT&T, that’s still a $99 discount, There was one issue though, and it was the fact that AT&T requires that each device have a separate contract. Not so much of a bundle deal anymore.

That means that you must pay an outrageous amount of money for the extra tablet data fee, while already paying for an arguably overpriced phone service. On top of this, you must commit for two-years to AT&T, and the XPERIA Play isn’t exactly a new phone. To me it seems like they were advertising a gaming bundle, but why not just go dedicated, buy a PS Vita, and then pick up the XPERIA Play for only $1 on two-year contract from AT&T? Then it hit me: what if carriers offered a single contract for both devices?

This could work in a few different ways. The first would be a shared data option. Let’s say you bought the Play and Tablet P together for that same $300 price tag. AT&T could then share your allotted data between the devices, and there’s no extra contract. If the tablet was capable, maybe even offer some phone functionality right on the tablet, so there’s a seamless experience between the devices. I would expect AT&T to make you pay for their $40 4GB data plan, but it’s worth it considering it’s shared between two devices, right?

Another option would be a tag-on option. Let’s say I owned a Galaxy S II on T-Mobile, but also wanted a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus added to my plan. I could then pay extra for more data, to use separately on the tablet. While I’m sure that most would agree that the first option is more efficient, this route would keep it all to a single bill that’s probably cheaper.

Android tablets subsidized by carriers have not gained much popularity, mostly due to those overpriced two-year contracts. Through a single contract like I have explained above, it may boost sales, ultimately making them more money. It could even turn into a trend, changing the mobile industry.

Personally, I would go the first route. I would love nothing more than to have both a phone and tablet on the same contract every month, as it would give me both for a lower price. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too worried about data overages either. I rarely go over 1GB of data on my phone, and I don’t use my tablet nearly as much.

Carriers, listen up. This could be the game changer, tablets are now a household item, and people like to use their electronics everywhere. Here’s your chance.

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