Game Review: Roaring Skies

Nothing kills time better than a good Android game, but it’s always a disappointment to download a game that looks exciting but turns out to be a dud. Today we have something that’s a bit of a mix, a game of which goes by the name of Roaring Skies. It is a game about dog fighting in airplanes, taking place in World War II.

Advertised as a real time strategy game, it poses a little more depth than something like Angry Birds. It’s a mostly multiplayer-based game, offering full Feint integration. The main game mode is deathmatch, where players join together with up to 7 other people for an old fashion dog fight. Also included is a Free For All mode, but it is slated as coming soon. For anyone looking to play alone, there is also a single player mode on board. One issue I had was long load times to join a game, as well as issues with finding other players. It was very annoying, considering we enjoy Android games that aren’t a hassle to get started. Once everything was running, gameplay was smooth on our Galaxy Nexus. Players start with an initial plane, but more can be purchased through PayPal. Not exactly ideal, but what can you expect from a free app?

Overall, we had a fun time with the app. It does have issues with multiplayer, and its honestly a dealbreaker when most mobile games are meant to be played on the fly. We like to load a game up and be able to play it within seconds. Perhaps we’re being too picky, but until these server issues are fixed this app will not be our go to for quick entertainment. However, we can see that fans of dog fights and airplanes in general will find great entertainment in this game. Click here to get the app from the Android Market now, and be sure to let us know what you agree and disagree with in the comments below.


Own the skies with this multiplayer real time strategy game!
Play multiplayer online with people all over the world!
Battle it out in REAL TIME ACTION!
Shoot, dogde, attack, and flank the enemy planes!
Invite your friends to the WAR!

Recommended requirements: 600Mhz and dedicated GPU (Droid) or 1Ghz (Incredible, N1)