Google may begin selling Android tablets themselves

Back in early 2010, Google attempted to start a new trend with the Nexus One. The only way to get a phone was through Google’s own online store, a move no one had tried prior to the Nexus One. It ultimately failed, but some (this tech blogger included) feel like it should be given another shot. Google may be doing just that, as the Wall Street Journal has heard it to be so.

The report claims that they will be selling tablets this time around, stocking on other manufacturer’s tablets. This means that they may sell tablets made by ASUS and Samsung. The goal is to outmatch the cheap Kindle Fire, a tablet which has proved wildly successful. We have a feeling we may hear more of this at Google I/O, the web giants developer conference. Who likes the idea of Google having its own tablet store? Are you more excited for the cheap tablets to come? Let us know in the comments below!

via PhoneDog; Wall Street Journal

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