Google Voice update brings visual voicemail integration, other features

Google’s popular voice service Google Voice has a new update available, bringing some useful features and integration to the app. For devices running Android 4.0, it now integrates directly to the native dialer app. Voicemails can now be played directly through the dialer app, much like the native feature. There’s one catch to this feature, as it can only be used on devices with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Next up is labels, as the app will now label different items in a users inbox. Much like the Gmail app for Android, it should be useful for anyone that likes organization in their inbox. Fortunately, this feature isn’t restricted to Android 4.0 devices. Hit the source link to grab the update now. Once you’ve done that, let us know what you like best about the latest Google Voice update in the comments below.

via Google Play

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