Google Wallet headed to 10 new devices on Sprint this year

Sprint has so far been the only carrier to offer full support of Google’s new payment option, Wallet. On top of that, only the Nexus S 4G actually takes advantage of the service, due to the NFC chip on board. Sprint is planning on ramping up with the service this year however, and will be offering at least 10 new devices. Only the LG Viper 4G is confirmed at this point, but we’d make a safe bet that the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will also access to the service.

This leaves 8 unannounced devices, each with a NFC chip somewhere inside. Considering that Sprint is the only major carrier in the Us who won’t be partnering with the upcoming ISIS, they really need Google Wallet to take off. Otherwise they will be in trouble, with a lesser supported NFC payment system. The next year will better determine the fate of NFC payment systems, and we’ll just have to sit back and observe how it all plays out. Who’s in favor of Google Wallet? Does ISIS prove a true threat to it? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Central; Fierce Wireless

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