Google’s Nexus tablet from ASUS reportedly a done deal

There’s been grumblings of a “Nexus tablet” for quite some time now. People seem to want it, too. There’s just something about that Nexus name that attracts people, even if there are plenty of vanilla Android tablet devices out there right now. According to the latest rumors, it looks like Google has reached out to ASUS to make the Nexus tablet, and the deal is sealed.

The new report comes from Android and Me, and is citing a top manufacturing source. According to them, the new tablet is a done deal, and ASUS is indeed creating a Nexus tablet. Additionally, Google will be looking to hit a price point between $149 and $199. That would put the device in the same category as the Kindle Fire from Amazon, so we’re not exactly sure what to make of that.

In the same report, it is suggested that ASUS’ MeMo 7-inch tablet has been scrapped, and in its place the 7-inch Nexus tablet will take its place. As you are well aware these are all just rumors and nothing has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned.

via PhoneDog; Android and Me

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