HTC device design suggests a new personal media player could be on the way

The personal media player segment within the mobile market may not be the hottest out there, especially considering smartphones do everything a PMP does, but people still like dedicated devices. And it looks like HTC is ready to attack that market, as a new device design revealed by PatentBolt suggests.

Back at the early part of 2011, HTC filed a patent for a “handheld electronic device,” which is missing all the requisite information for cellular bandwidths. That gives us reason to believe that this particular device, if it is indeed being constructed, isn’t a new smartphone that the company plans on releasing later this year. Instead, word on the street is that HTC is looking to add a device to compete with Apple’s iPod and Samsung’s MediaPlayers.

Not much else is known about the device, other than HTC would like it to feature slide-out stereo speakers. It would also feature a kickstand, which would make watching movies while on the go easier if you’ve got somewhere to put the device. All in all, it could be a great device, especially with HTC’s Beats Audio technology. If it is indeed an Android powered device, which we have no reason to think it wouldn’t be, it could make for a great addition to the army.

via PatentBolt

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