HTC One Series gets legacy menu button shown off in screenshots

While HTC is putting all of their eggs in their new “One” series of devices, it looks like some people are a bit wary about some of the new “features” they have implemented on their devices. Specifically, HTC steered away from the software buttons that were made famous with the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, and opted for three capacitive buttons below each handset’s display. Unfortunately, none of those buttons is the “Menu” option, which is a pretty important feature for Android-based devices.

But, HTC didn’t leave the Menu option completely out in the cold, as a legacy Menu button still exists, as made evident within the screenshots above. The images come courtesy of Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo, thanks to their contact in HTC. When you open an application with a Menu button/option, that on-screen notification will appear at the very bottom of your screen. Right where the Galaxy Nexus’ on-screen buttons are always present.

Is it a good move? Only time will tell. Of course, those who opt to buy one of the new handsets HTC is releasing this year will probably learn to love the new three capacitive button option, while others stare and wonder how anyone could use a handset like that.

via MoDaCo

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