HTC One X and One S rumored to be facing delay due to chip manufacturing issues

The One X and One S by HTC are some of the most highly anticipated devices coming to the United States later this year. But if a new rumor that has cropped up today is true, then it looks like those here in the States eagerly anticipating their release may have to wait a bit longer. In a report from SemiAccurate, it looks like TSMC is having some issues with manufacturing 28nm chips. So much so, that they have reportedly halted production of these processors sometime in mid-February, and may not be reedy to start production again until the end of March.

Of course, this is just a rumor, and it would ultimately only affect the State-side releases of the One X (for AT&T) and One S (for T-Mobile USA). However, if it is true, then that would still be a pretty big blow to HTC locally. But, as it stands right now it is still just a rumor, so let’s take it as such and get those salt shakers ready, shall we?

via TmoNews; SemiAccurate

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