HTC One X and One S up for pre-order now at Three UK and Vodafone

dEver since HTC unveiled the One X and One S, people have been waiting to get their hands on it. While there have been pre-order notes held up in the past, it looks like the major wireless carriers in the UK are ready to let you pull the trigger on your next phone purchase a little bit ahead of launch date. Both Three UK and Vodafone have confirmed that pre-orders are open for both the One X and One S by HTC.

While Three UK is more than willing to point out that their devices will be ready to go by April 4th, or next Wednesday, Vodafone is being a bit more hesitant on revealing when their branded devices will be ready to hit the streets. We wouldn’t imagine that subscribers under Vodafone’s wing would have to wait too much longer to get their own handsets, but crazier things have happened.

Obviously the pre-order sales will be pretty big, so if you’re even kind of interested in making either the One X or One S your new phone, you may want to jump on the opportunity.

via KnowYourCell

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