HTC One X Deluxe Limited Edition unveiled in Taiwan

Despite the fact that you can’t really buy, and start using an HTC One X right now, and that would make us think that the device is pretty “limited edition” at this point, that hasn’t stopped HTC from unveiling a brand new variation of their recently announced high-end device. The One X Deluxe Limited Edition is headed to Taiwan here shortly, and it will cost you an arm, and maybe even a leg, to make it yours.

As you can see from the image above, the new device will feature some new packaging, and will come with a pair of Solo Beats by Dre headphones. The headphones cost about $179, depending on where you shop. As for the price of the whole thing, you’ll be looking at about 24,900 Taiwan dollars, which equals about $842. Pretty expensive, but considering the phone itself is pretty expensive and you’re being given a pair of Solo Beats at the same time, there are probably people out there who will jump on this deal.

ePrice says the deluxe limited edition device will be going up for pre-order on March 20th. The handset is launching in Taiwan only right now, and HTC hasn’t said anything about bringing it to other markets. What’s more, there isn’t anything “limited edition” or “deluxe” about the phone itself.

via UnwiredView

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