HTC One X variant for Sprint rumored to launch in the Spring

There’s no doubt that the One X by HTC is one of the most anticipated devices here in the States, even if it is dropping that quad-core processor for a dual-core option. With its LTE-connecitivy on AT&T’s network, it should still be a pretty popular device. Especially with HTC’s focus on high-end hardware and a brand new Sense user interface that’s supposed to be slimmed down, and a lot faster to use.

But while AT&T is getting all the love, what about the other carriers? We’ve heard in the past that the One X could be headed to T-Mobile USA’s network at some point this year, and now a new rumor is suggesting that the high-end smartphone could be getting ready to make an appearance on Sprint’s network here in the coming months.

The new rumor began with, and they are sourcing unnamed contacts at Sprint. According to these contacts, the new One X will indeed be coming to Sprint, and it could land as early as June 10th. It is rumored to be called the Jet, and it could very well still feature a dual-core processor inside, instead of a quad-core version. But, that is still up in the air, just like the rest of the story.

via CNET; s4gru

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