HTC One X will become available April 6 in the UK

HTC’s One X and One S has easily been their most hyped up phones as of late, offering a gorgeous design and high-end specs. We know almost everything about the handsets, right down to the poor quality of the camera on board the One X. One thing we did not have information on was ship dates, and when the phone would become available. Now we have just that, at least in the UK. Shipping will begin April 6, and retailer Phone 4U will be supplying.

This is good information for fans in the UK, but us here in the US still have no idea. There has also been word of possible delays in the US, which would cause an even later launch date. If HTC plans to turn around, it needs to get that phone into consumers hands as soon as possible. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess. Who’s excited for the One series? Which phone has your eye? Let us know in the comments!

via Unwired View

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