HTC Sensation mod allows camera to take video 1080p with 20Mbps, boosts ISO to 1250

The developers in the Android community are one of the many things that makes it great, producing fun custom ROMs and making use out of that all hailed root access. Overclocking is usually what comes to mind when hacks allow users to take more advantage of their hardware, but we now have one that focuses on the camera. The developers over at XDA have come up with a new mod that pushes the limits of the camera on none other than the HTC Sensation.

Said mod allows users with the mod to capture video at a rate of 20Mbps, all in 1080p. This should boost video quality even higher, but isn’t changing much to the actual hardware. Pictures will take up 2MB as well, so be sure to have a 32GB SD card around for all this camera madness. An experimental 1250 ISO mod is also available, so it should keep ISO lovers happy.

There happens to be one limitation, as the mod requires an Android 4.0 ROM to work. Not the biggest requirement, but it will take a little Android know-how to get it all working. And as always, remember that this isn’t something to mess around with, you’re doing it at your own risk. Once we’ve got all that clear, feel free to hit the XDA source link to grab it now.

via XDA; The Verge

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