HTC takes the top Android manufacturer spot in J.D. Powers and Associates biannual smartphone satisfaction survey

Surveys are a great way to get a lay of the land, as far as a certain device, manufacturer, or feature stands within the consumer element. Of course, a survey isn’t the last word on any one subject, but it’s a good start at least. J.D. Powers and Associates has released the first volume within their 2012 biannual smartphone satisfaction survey, and within it the results of 7,080 consumers surveyed to reveal who takes the top spots, and who’s chasing behind.

Within the Android world, it looks like HTC is keeping their position at the top spot. The scores haven’t changed much when compared with the last report, with both Samsung and Motorola trailing behind HTC. The score, which is a result of the survey which takes into consideration ease of operation, performance, features and physical design, can rack up to 1,000. HTC received a respectable score of 798. Samsung’s score is 769, while Motorola racked up a high 758.

You can check out the full report below through the source link, which is a good read for anyone who wants a glimpse at how the smartphone industry is stacking up.

via Twice; Android and Me

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