HTC Thunderbolt becomes part of HTC test program, may be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich by April

When Verizon first started rolling out its brand new 4G LTE network, HTC was right alongside them with the phone known as the Thunderbolt. Sure, it may have had some quirks and incredibly poor battery life, but many people still bought the phone. It was one of the more popular original LTE phones, and they are definitely still around today. The phone is in line to receive the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, and HTC has decided to get some testing done before they release it to the general public.

Above is an alleged email sent out, containing information for what appears to be some trial builds of Sense 4 for the Thunderbolt. The tests are set to kick off in April, so it would be safe to say that we may be seeing an official build within that month or maybe even early May. We’ll have to see what move HTC brings next, but in the meantime we can get excited for the newest update coming to the Thunderbolt. Who’s still rocking a Thunderbolt? Are you excited for Ice Cream Sandwich? Let us know in the comments!

via VzBuzz

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