HTC Vivid for AT&T reportedly receiving update to Ice Cream Sandwich in small doses

While AT&T has said in the past that the Vivid by HTC would indeed be getting upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the early part of 2012, we’ve been left wondering due to the fact that the wireless carrier hasn’t provided an exact date. But, new reports are trickling out that some Vivid owners are getting the update to the latest version of Android right now, long before AT&T or HTC has officially announced anything.

It makes perfect sense, though, considering the Velocity in Australia is already getting the update and that’s the same device just in a different region. Some owners are saying that they’ve received a notification that the update is ready to install, while others have had to pull the update from the cloud manually. One Vivid owner has said that after dialing *#*#682#*#* in the dialer, an update was pulled to his phone. That update is Android 4.0.3, and adds Sense 3.6 to the device.

At this point AT&T doesn’t have to announce anything, but it would be nice. Hopefully we hear something soon.

via PhoneDog; Android Central

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