to shut down April 30, may get a few people mad

For those unaware, HTC actually does have its own cloud service aside from Dropbox, apart of the services. From our understanding, it saved information like contacts, messages and other information from users who opted into the service on their HTC phone. For those who actually use the service, we have bad news, as HTC will be shutting down the cloud feature of on April 30.

HTC recommends that users of the service head to their website, and download all of their information from the service. Yours truly did so, and my account only contained a few contacts. In the meantime, they recommend current users upgrade to another service available on the Android platform.

HTC has also stated that they are not ending the service, but are actually going to upgrade the service. As for what’s new to come, we currently have no idea. Stay locked to Droid Dog and we’ll be sure to tell you as soon as we know. Have a account? Mad that the service is being shut down? Let us know in the comments!

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