Huawei Prism reportedly destined for T-Mobile as it passes through the FCC

Earlier this afternoon, Blog of Mobile managed to catch the Huawei Prism on its way through the FCC. While it did, it was also revealed that, while there isn’t much known about the device at this point, based on the network radios inside it could very well be another mid-range device headed towards T-Mobile’s shelves here in the States.

Of course, with only a model number to go on, U86511, there’s not much to go on. We do know that the battery is measured in at 1,500mAh, though, so that’s something. Better than nothing, right? While we would love to think that both Huawei and T-Mobile are both ready to announce something, or at least show something new on their website, there’s no confirming that this particular device will be unveiled anytime soon.

if something changes, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.

via Android Community

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