I went into Android withdrawal after only one day away

All of my friends know that I own multiple smartphones, 5 to be exact. Excessive, I know, but I like having every modern mobile operating system available to me. That’s right, I have two Android devices, a BlackBerry, a Windows Phone, and even an iPhone. For over a month I have been rocking a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver, the best Android device I’ve owned to date. It’s also the most valuable, and I have been in need of a new laptop for a while now. My compromise: sell the Galaxy Nexus to purchase a new laptop, then switch to another phone.

It was a horrible idea. I finally reached a deal with someone online, and was going to give up the Nexus. Yesterday came the time to pack everything up, preparing to ship. I switched over to my Samsung Focus, an older Windows Phone which still packs plenty of punch. I couldn’t stand it. For those unfamiliar, the Windows Phone notification system is horrid. The screen was also at a much lower resolution, and I had been used to the high resolution of the Galaxy Nexus’ HD screen. After a few hours I switched to an iPhone 4, being unable to handle the Focus. The screen may be tiny, but it at least had a high resolution to keep me satisfied, along with a half decent notification system.

I spent all day today with the iPhone 4, and I was just about ready to break. The screen was too small. The OS too boring. Notifications weren’t good enough. Data speeds were slower. The device was too heavy. Everything seemed wrong. And then it hit me; I was in Android withdrawal.

It may seem a little sad, but I was truly in Android withdrawal after less than 24 hours of being away. To my luck, I hadn’t shipped the phone yet due to a shipping error. I told the buyer I just couldn’t do it, and ripped the phone out of the box it was packed in. Moments later, I was back on my greatly missed Galaxy Nexus (along with Android 4.0). I did have to set everything back up again, which is always a pain in the rear end, but it was definitely worth it.

I have to give credit to my good friend Dima, as he told me that it was a dumb move to switch back to any other OS. He was right, and now has leverage on me. The display on the Galaxy Nexus is godly, and its size made everything from texting to Draw Something easier. On top of that, Android has the best notifications system currently available on a smartphone.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to leave Android anytime soon, and that’s a good thing. With so much variety in software and phones, it will keep me perfectly happy. I will admit that battery life is not what I’m comfortable with, but it has gotten to the point that I can bear. Once the Ice Cream Sandwich update drops for the Samsung Galaxy Note, I’ll probably jump to that handset. All these choice keep Android great, something I just can’t let go.

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