If I could have anyone make me an Android phone, it would be Nokia

There’s no such thing as a perfect Android phone for me. In fact, I don’t think there’s a perfect phone for me, period. I went as far to write about what I thought would be my perfect Android phone.

I stated that perfect phone would be made by Nokia, a company who’s hardware I constantly lust for. Alas, they have jumped on the Windows Phone bandwagon, something I could never fully do. Have you seen their notifications system?

I digress.

Today we posted about a Nokia N9 running Android 4.0. It got me thinking about how badly I want a Nokia phone running Android. There is the N900, a development phone that has been hacked to run just about every OS available, which includes Android. But it’s older, with a few generations old hardware. Anyways, I went to eBay to check out prices on the N9. They varied from $450-500, something I’m not going to spend on a handset that only has an alpha version of Android.

It’s probably too late now, but if Nokia entered the Android Market, they could make some truly stunning hardware. Just take the N9 for example. That phone is down right sexy. And it doesn’t stop there. Nokia’s cameras are top notch, they even have a phone featuring a 41MP camera. With the right mix of internal components, they could make a handset that could easily compete with Samsung and HTC.

This will probably never happen, but one can dream, right? Just the body of the N9, and their new Lumia line makes me drool. I pose the question: am I alone? Are there any other Andorid fans out there who want a handset made by Nokia?

This may just be the Finnish in me reaching out, but the company has always made some of the most solid handsets, excluding the past few years. Am I alone in my desire for a Nokia Andorid handset? Do you think they should enter the Android market? Let us know in the comments, or tell me directly @jlehto43 on Twitter.

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