Instagram for Android shown off at SXSW

It’s been a long time coming, and plenty of Android users out there have tried to be patient in waiting for the release of Instagram. The social network slash photo sharing application has made a huge dent in the iOS world, and Android owners have been teased that an Android version is on the way for quite some time. Last night, at the event called SXSW, Instagram for Android was shown off in all of its glory, with a very bold statement tagging along.

It was said at the event that the Android version would actually be better than the iOS one. While that may be great for some people to hear, especially those who just want their Android apps to be better than the ones available on the iPhone, some people would rather just have a launch date. Well, unfortunately, we still don’t have that. Instagram’s Kevin Systrom told Alexia Tsotsis, while on a stage at the event, that it was coming “really soon,” but didn’t offer any exact details.

But, at least it was shown off. And, we can all hope that “really soon” means this week.

via The Verge

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