International Samsung Galaxy Note receives software update

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has turned into a hit, raking in millions of sales in the few months its been out. No product is perfect from launch however, and Samsung is taking the chance to send out an update to the international version of the phone. Before you get all excited, no, it isn’t the update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead it offers a few bug fixes, as well as speed improvements.

One of the biggest features of the update is a fix to the video editor app, which suffered from issues involving stuttering and artifacts when rendering. Considering that most people keep their phone as their only cameras these days, it’s good to hear that Samsung smoothed this out. The update is a small 40MB, so it shouldn’t be too long of an update process. Who owns a Samsung Galaxy Note? Have you seen the update yet? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

via Android Central

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