Is it really a feature to have Beats Audio on a phone?

Over the past couple of months HTC has been using its deal with Dr. Dre and Monster with major Beats branding and audio “enhancements”. They out this as a feature, but I see it as more of a nuisance than anything. HTC is using it as a marketing ploy to sell more handsets, and while I wouldn’t call it false advertising, they make it appear as something that it isn’t.

What commonly isn’t known is that phones with Beats branding do not have a single chip inside them to handle audio differently than a non-Beats branded HTC handset. It’s purely software, and that software doesn’t actually enhance the quality. You cannot enhance the quality of a song you may have saved on you phone, at least not with the software HTC and Monster are providing. If anything, it can actually lower quality. It simply focuses on enhancing the bass of a song.

Some may note this as a plus, but HTC is using it as a way to make their phone’s audio capabilities look better than its competitors. In reality, they’re trying to make their phones look like Beats products. Beats are overpriced for their capabilities, yet they still sell like hotcakes. Why? They’ve created a following much like Apple’s. People buy their products more so for the fact that they’re Beats than the fact that they don’t even sound that great. And they don’t question the price either.

Some handsets may include a pair of Beats earbuds, which tend to be better than what is normally found in the box of a phone. But now HTC is planning to upgrade a handset that didn’t previously have Beats Audio to it via software. This is a weird situation, as I can almost assure that AT&T and HTC will advertise the Vivid as a Beats handset. With no branding on the actual handset, it defeats the purpose HTC was even looking to use.

HTC has been seriously lacking in innovation as of late, and this is actually a step backwards for them. What is offered on Beats handsets is advertised to make audio better, when it truly doesn’t. If HTC really wants to become the Android king again, they need to actually implement a new feature that’s truly a feature. Who thinks that Beat audio is actually a feature? Is HTC going in the right direction? Let us know in the comments!

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