Kyocera Echo and LG Marquee receiving minor updates

Remember Kyocera’s “revolutionary” Echo? The one that turned into a major dud? Looks like Kyocera and Sprint aren’t abandoning the handset after all. A new update is now rolling out, and includes security fixes (Carrier IQ, anyone?). It also brings some fixes to the MMS system, and the activation of a Commercial Mobile Alert System.

The Echo is not alone, as the LG Marquee will also be seeing a new update. This one also includes a security update, and will prevent the device from locking up during a call. Neither are the biggest updates we’ve seen, but it’s good to see that Sprint is keeping up on some of its older devices. Who has an Echo or Marquee? Are you seeing the new update? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Police; Sprint (1), (2)

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