LG Lucid for Verizon already set to receive a software update

Despite the fact that the Lucid by LG landing on Verizon’s shelves yesterday, it looks like the manufacturer and carrier have already worked out the release of a new software update, which is apparently geared to address one feature, more than anything else. This isn’t a huge update by any means, and more than likely you have already received the notification that it is ready to download.

If you haven’t, or if you already did download it and you don’t know what it was meant for, here you go: the Enhanced Caller Name ID application has been disabled. That’s it. So, as we said above, a pretty straight forward update that won’t bring anything all that new to the table. You may not have even come across the feature that the update is meant to disable.

Either way, it’s disabled.

via Verizon; Droid-Life

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